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Feb 18 2014

Russian Riches Back In Britain

Posted by admin22 on Feb 18 2014


Downton Abbey meets the Romanovs in an exhibition of over 60 paintings and other works from Sir Robert Walpole’s collection, which was snapped up by Catherine the Great in 1779 and became the foundation of the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

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Nov 12 2013

Catherine's Greatest Hits

Posted by admin22 on Nov 12 2013


A new art exhibit in the UK, “Houghton Revisited: The Walpole Masterpieces from Catherine the Great’s Hermitage,” highlights the role that art can play in fostering improved diplomatic relations between Russia and the West.

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The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg was selected by the Board of Manifesta Foundation because of its critical intellectual and historical relationship with East and West Europe: a uniting principal that is also central to Manifesta, as the single roving European biennial of contemporary art. Manifesta 10 will consider the historical perspective of St. Peterburg's view to the West, and its extensive relationship with Europe at large. Other venues in the city will also participate and further details will be announced soon.

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