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Completed Projects

Vigilius Eriksen Restoration

These two portraits by Vigilius Eriksen were put in storage during World War II. They have been restored thanks to your help. 

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Roentgen Bureau Restoration

In the 1980s a thorough restoration was carried out in the Hermitage workshops.

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Petrine Era Geographical Maps

Thanks to the generosity of the Arthur and Holly Magill Foundation, this restoration project has been underwritten and the work has already started.

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Hermitage Program for Visually Impaired Children

24 April 2009 - Blind and visually impaired children finished the 3-year study course under the "Past at the Fingertips" programme.

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Marquis Campana Collection of Antique Bronzes

Thanks to the generosity of the Arthur and Holly Magill Foundation, this restoration project has already been underwritten and work on the restoration is under way.

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Willem De Kooning Late Paintings Exhibition Catalogue

A traveling exhibit at the Hermitage Museum, curated by Julie Sylvester, an HMF Advisory Board member, took place in 2006.

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Portrait of Alexander I by Kruger

Restored entirely thanks to a donation from Prof. George Sosnovsky and Dr. Christine Sosnovsky.

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Leo von Klenze Display Cases

These display cases were restored courtesy of the generosity of Mrs. Jayne Wrightsman.

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Parquet flooring restoration

In 2002 the parquet floor in the Room of the Cavalier Guard (the Greuze Room) was reconstructed.

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Louise Bourgeois Sculpture Exhibition Catalogue

The “Louise Bourgeois in the Hermitage” exhibition ran from 9 October 2001 to 13 January 2002.

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The Restoration of Titian's painting The Flight into Egypt

The Restoration of Titian’s painting The Flight into Egypt is in progress thanks to the generosity of Drs. George and Christina Sosnovsky. The work is expected to be completed in 2014.

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