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HMF Secures Jacques Lipchitz Sculptures for Hermitage Collection

The State Hermitage Museum has received ten sculptures and thirteen drawings by Jacques Lipchitz (1891-1973), a French-American sculptor, a native of Russia, as a gift from the Lipschitz Foundation, USA.

The works representing 40 years of the artistic life of the painter, from the Cubist sculptures of the 1930s (“Jacob and the Angel”, 1932) to the late graphic drawings (“Rape of Europa”, about 1868-1972), were donated to the museum thanks to the active assistance of the Hermitage Foundation in the USA. The works will become a part of the collection of Modern Art of the State Hermitage Museum, and will be exhibited in the General Staff Building as a part of the project “Room of the Artist”. Following the existing rooms dedicated to Dmitry Prigov and Ilya Kabakov, the room dedicated to Jacques Lipschitz is scheduled to be opened by the end of August 2015 in the General Staff Building.